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“I have worked with Nahleen Salvador for several years in the context of both corrective exercise and strength training. She is extremely knowledgeable in these areas. But it is also her style and personality that create an environment of understanding and learning that bring one's work with her to the next level. Nahleen's attention to detail, wide-ranging experience and professional, charming manner help you to set goals and achieve optimal results!” 

KB, client since 2012

“I know Nahleen to be a passionate and athletic woman who loves to dance. She is a motivated learner and a genuine person. Creating unique and efficient exercise programs is one of her amazing talents. I really appreciate what she has taught me in these last two years – absorbing her techniques and trying new skills has helped me also become a great trainer. She is a true friend who cares so much; she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She continues to do a tremendous job in this industry because her style makes everyone special."

YN, personal training student client since 2012

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